Collège François Rabelais Mons en Baroeul

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Accueil Anglais quinzaine des arts

Voici le texte :


Chorus  x2

Bullying will put you in danger

It will burn inside you and put you in anger

Bullying is not funny, stop it

The difference is our strength, show it


I might be fat

I might be a nerd

I might be skinny

So what have you heard ?

I might be rich

I might be poor

I might be tiny

But i might be more

I can be Arabic but I don’t rob

I could be black, yellow, white I could have a job

We can be Asian and don’t eat with sticks

We can be Portugese and don’t build with bricks

Accept my difference or get outta my life

The truth is like a shout cause it’s louder than life

Money won’t always make life better

Gossiup is only good if the lies are the sweater

I’m rich in knowledge, friends and family

Rich in skills and that’s no fantasy

chorus x2

Un immense merci à Mme Poliautre de la Salle Allende de nous avoir offert cette possibilité.